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This wooden house should be warm, safe, beautiful and not too expensive. Looking for the perfect solution of what people have tried anything can – built houses of brick, stone, concrete, solid blocks… But in the end it turned out that the ideal way of construction – one that for centuries our ancestors. The most cost-effective, warm, beautiful and safe – wooden doma. Nachnem from scratch, that is the foundation. Construction of wooden houses are cheaper. In monolithic and brick houses high demands on the bearing capacity of soil. Where wood construction does not meet any obstacles, heavy concrete house can settle down and go into the ground, if not strengthen the foundation, and this requires money. Wooden houses from glued beams, or a house made of logs need to seal the concrete foundation. Before laying the specialist should conduct a study of soil and groundwater at the site. Even the simple wooden house warmer than the concrete and brick. To residents do not freeze in winter, wooden houses projects should include wall thickness from 240 mm to the Siberian cold a little more, but the concrete house requires more than a half-meter thick. Buildings will have to wait long. For all wood construction takes no more than six months, the same amount of time will be spent on laying of communications. Experts usually advise to start finishing in about a year after it is ready to frame. During this time the tree accumulates, it becomes stronger, and the house loses about 10 centimeters in height. Experienced builders take this into account and lay the shrink the gap between the window unit and the wall. If you decide to build a house, it is best to start building houses in the autumn – to continue the foundation, frame mounted in the winter and spring to finish. Modern wooden houses stand in any of the inclement weather. Log cabin is specially treated and covered with protective material, which protects the wood from moisture and light, microbes, fungi, insects and rodents. And how many years it will stand? Unlike monolitok that need major repairs after 40 years, the wooden house will stand 100 years, and if the owner would be well to take care of him, all the 300. Not sure? Look at Kizhi, or Kargopol Small Karelians. How many years have they stood – and still less downtime. And if the tree is covered with lacquer preservative every three years, then it does not darken! Probably a tree – this is the best building material created by nature itself. The air inside the wooden house is always fresh, and if the interior is made of pine boards, it is also therapeutic. Natural, eco-friendly building material, warm and safe, beautiful and dolgovechnyy. Kompaniya “Kizhi” provides architectural design and construction of houses, cottages, bath-houses. The company is building a winter wood and timber frame houses and cottages, summer holiday houses and baths, both on individual projects, as well as offering standard designs of wooden houses and kottedzhey. Stroitelnaya company specializes in the construction of wooden houses from logs on contemporary Swedish technology providing a full range of services any stage of development, from creating the project a wooden house with all the wishes of the customer and ending with installation of engineering systems and landscaping. During the construction of wooden houses, the company uses modern European developments (such as the technology “spike-and-groove”), which are due to ensure high strength and durability. Advantages of houses made of logs is a unique property of wood to “breathe” and thus preserve and maintain the climate without air conditioning systems..